18 of the Most Unfortunate Photos Ever Taken

Sometimes you take a photo and don’t realize until after that things have gone horribly wrong. Other times it’s only the person taking the photo that is well aware of the unfortunate result. These photos are some of the most unfortunately timed and captured photos ever to grace the internet.



Playing soccer or football can be a very rough sport, and this photo shows just how rough. After all neither one of them seem to really be enjoying this. And I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be using their hands anyway. This perfectly timed photo is probably one that both of these players would rather forget. Maybe there is a reason why this sport is just not as popular in the U.S.


That’s not the basket you should be blocking there. Pretty sure he wasn’t planning on putting the basketball up his nose, so maybe you should try blocking where the actual basket is. You know the big round one that can actually fit a basketball. ­Although he doesn’t seem too upset about where his finger ended up.


Definitely one of those photos that you have to look twice at and then you’re still not exactly sure what you are seeing. This looks like an employee shot and yet something really seems to be off because that does look like a very well hung female. There’s some impressive trick of the light going on or she’s giving just about every man a run for his money.


Who would have thought that putting on mascara could be so naughty? That shadow definitely seems to know what it’s doing. Whoever took this photo was probably really enjoying the show while the unfortunate girl putting on makeup was probably none the wiser. Next time she should really consider drawing the curtains.


And if you ever needed an argument against a camel color interior this is it. While she’s just pleasantly posing inside her car, her car is betraying her by making it appear like she is spread wide and showing herself off. Really in bad taste car, after all she only gave you regular unleaded gas that one time!

There is just so much wrong with this photo that there’s just no good place to start. The fact that they both seem to be trying to lick the poor fellow in the middle is just off, and then there’s the really unfortunate placement of the thumb. Few photos of not really real penises actually look as real as this one, but the fact that it’s on a girl is a dead giveaway.


Yeah show your basketball pride. Those are some great jerseys and wow you smell good. What kind of cologne is that? Yeah I like that…Okay this one just looks fantastic. However, the guys in the picture probably were not fans of how it turned out. Well maybe the guy in the Lakers jersey liked it because he comes off just looking grumpy.


Figure skating takes a lot of skill and patience. The balance and grace of the moves is really unmatched by any other sport. When you look at the tricks these athletes can pull of it is just amazing. What other sort do you see a woman appearing out of a man’s ass while nothing but her skates touches the ice?

Theme parks are a great place to visit but unfortunately they are always in places that are incredibly hot. It can be hard to find a good place to cool off yourself and your tired kids. Luckily this guy found a great way to help this little girl get some relief from the heat. A small water fountain! That’s what you saw right?


Nothing like a great outing at the beach. Beautiful sand, crystal blue water and you really should have taken a look around before posing for this shot. Either you wandered onto the nude section of the beach or you’re just somewhere that no one cares about that sort of thing. Either way that is one hung photobomb going on back there.


You can’t blame him. After all swimming just involves so little clothes, and there’s so much stress at the Olympics, it’s so nice just to let out a steam and just relax. Although he might have chosen to do it a little further away from his teammates and the camera, but hey as long as he’s enjoying himself. Honestly either way that pause bar is covering up something slightly awkward.


Yeah remember the last time you told someone to screw themselves. This is what it looks like…yeah maybe you’ll reconsider that phrase next time. Because it’s not pretty, no one likes to see it and really it’s not that easy to accomplish. So please come up with a new insult, just think of the potential horrors you are sparing the innocent people of the world.


Now this photo isn’t one that is poorly timed, there’s no body parts looking like penises, no background posters in bad positions. No, this is just a photo that is completely unfortunate for everyone in it and everyone that sees it. This is why you don’t drink a large milkshake before getting on roller coaster, because you know that’s just going to come back to haunt you.


If you’re even slightly perverted you’re thinking you should move to Japan where this is the required school uniform. But if you’ve got a sense of humor you eye is drawn to the perfectly placed poster. Yep that’s about right. That’s not exactly a reassuring expression but then he really shouldn’t have his gaze there anyway.


Yep, if you say you don’t like to swallow because you don’t like the taste, have we found the guy just right for you. Oh yeah, that nice cool refreshing taste will definitely have you reconsidering that decision and you might actually start to enjoy it. Although the problem might be that he’s just a tad on the thick side. Open happiness indeed.


This is poorly timed in that we’re sure no one but the smiley guy wanted this photo taken. We’re also no sure what possible scenario could lead up this. “Mr. President, your fly is down. Here just let me get that for you.” We’ve had our share of presidents caught with other women in their pants but this may be the first caught with another man in his pants.


Family reunions are such a bore, nothing but bad food, the same stories and giant old man balls. Seriously grandpa you should at least try to keep them in your pants, or use a blanket or something. There are boys here who haven’t even had theirs descend yet, you don’t want to give them nightmares! That or aunt Karen should just reconsider where she chooses to kneel.


Golf, painful to watch, painful to play. There’s nothing about these men that looks like they’re enjoying themselves. Now to be fair it could be just because they are doing it wrong and maybe shot off in the wrong direction, but still. Golf is just nothing but frustration and trying to get something small to fit in a hole that’s barely big enough.


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