This Adorable Husky Family Has Totally Mastered The Game Of Dress-Up

Erica Tcogoeva is a freelance artist and illustrator living in Russia. While she loves to draw and create with her craft supplies, one of her favorite hobbies is taking photos. Since she lives in Russia, she has a lot to work with in terms of scenery and architecture...but the perfect photography subject is actually a little fluffier -- huskies! If there's one thing her extended family of furry pooches loves to do when she snaps pictures of's play dress up. Heads up: it's adorable. Here's Read more [...]

Don’t Be Fooled…This Attack Is The Most Joyful Puppy Experience Ever!

Have you ever experienced a dog lick attack? It's one of the most hilarious, disgusting, adorable, happy things you can have happen to you (in my opinion). When this little boy finds himself knee-deep in his very first, he can't decide whether he wants to laugh or escape...either way, it's adorable. Everyone loves puppies, even when there are more than you can handle at once. Too many puppies? No, never too many puppies. He may be overwhelmed, but it's with joy! Read more [...]

A Villager Caught This Creepy UFO Hovering Around A Volcano

Contrary to what you might think, devastation and destruction aren't the only things you have to worry about when it comes to natural disasters. What people have been filming at disaster sites recently is somehow so much worse. What happened in Costa Rica earlier this year is a prime example. Back in March, the Turrialba Volcano began spewing smoke and ash into the atmosphere. Locals started monitoring Turrialba and the surrounding area for further signs of destruction. In May of this year, Read more [...]

30 Incredible Photos of Volcanic Eruptions

Puyehue Volcano, Chile – Photograph by CLAUDIO SANTANA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES The recent photographs from the volcanic eruption in Chile stirred up memories from last year’s disruptive volcano in Iceland as well as the incredible undersea volcano in Tonga the year prior. When volcanoes erupt, it’s a startling reminder to the awesome and terrifying power of Nature. From enormous plumes of ash to spewing lava and the menacing look of volcanic lightning, eruptions are a nature photographer’s dream. Read more [...]

Cloud 9 Fiji, the Floating Bar in the Middle of the Ocean

Cloud 9 is a floating paradise located close to the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu. Situated in the turquoise waters of Vanua Malolo on Ro Ro Reef, Cloud 9 is a 40-45min boat ride from Port Denarau, and a 10 minute speed boat ride from Musket Cove Resort, Lomani Resort and Plantation Resort. The open concept, two-level, floating lounge bar and restaurant features an Italian wood fire pizzeria, day beds, hanging chairs and 360-degree view of the ocean. The floating bar can accommodate up to 100 Read more [...]

When You See Why This Model Student Was Sent Home, Your Blood Will Boil

We've heard about students speaking out against the dress code before and getting the support and attention that they deserve, which is amazing. But what happened to this girl is even more ridiculous than usual. When a student body president, junior marshall, and fellowship recipient gets busted for wearing a skirt she wore for a Teacher Cadet lesson — something that any normal person would deem totally professional — she took to social media. On her Instagram, she very articulately expressed Read more [...]

A Man Was Walking Near A Ditch When He Spotted An Old Aquarium — With 2 Puppies Inside

Matt Williamson was walking along a highway and looking for his lost dog when he stumbled upon something truly heartbreaking. He spotted something in a ditch that looked like an old aquarium that someone deserted on the side of the road. At first, he didn't think much of it. Then, as he walked closer, he noticed something strange. The abandoned aquarium had something inside and the lid was sealed shut with concrete. To Williamson's horror, he discovered there were two puppies trapped inside. Whoever Read more [...]

Baby Koala Gets Adopted By Friendly New Mother

Koala bears are some of the cutest animals out there on Earth; and baby Koala bears are even cuter! So when one little baby’s mother recently died, the whole world was worried that he was not going to receive the proper nutrition he needed in order to survive. At just 22 weeks old, little Harry needed to eat the partially digested leaves that only a mother Koala bear could supply. Luckily, another baby Koala bear named Imogen had just been born a month earlier. Imogen was stronger and the Read more [...]

A Lantern That Looks Like the Moon

Acorn Studio that looks like a miniature version of our moon. Made from glass fiber and latex, Luna comes in 7 different sizes ranging from 3.2 inches to 23.6 inches. The water and heat-resistant lantern has 5 levels of luminosity and its designers say it can handle bumps and bruises from contact. The design studio launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo seeking $40,000 for production. Since launch, demand has been through the roof, with over $300,000 raised with over a month to go Read more [...]