911 Operator Saves The Day When Homeless Kittens Are Found Abandoned In A Box

Shauna Rogers, who works as a 911 operator at Valley Communications Center in Kent, WA, received a call unlike any other when she went into work last Saturday — but her quick-thinking decision made all the difference.

During her shift, she received a call about a family of kittens, who were left abandoned in a boxbehind the Tukwila City Hall; they were in desperate need of care. While she answers dozens of calls every day, this one really pulled at her heartstrings.

“It was Saturday, so our animal control officers weren’t on duty. So I was wondering what the officer is going to do with all these kittens. I could hear them crying in the background; you could tell they were very little,” she told Q13 Fox News.

After learning which officer had been dispatched to get the kittens, she sent him a note. She had him bring the kittens to the Valley Communications Center, where she promised to help find them new homes. Within minutes of the precious babies arriving, they were all scooped up and adopted.

“This is a great story about the caring hearts of our team members. Way to go Shauna for coordinating the efforts to get these sweet kittens homes,” Valley Communications Center’s Operations Manager Vonnie Mayer wrote on Facebook. “Kudos to everyone who opened their hearts and homes to a new family member!”

Rogers and her co-workers couldn’t be more thrilled, knowing these cats will all grow up in loving homes.


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