An Aerial Tour of Iceland with Jakub Polomski

Landscape photographer previously) was recently in Iceland for two weeks this past July. The 4,000 km journey covered many of the popular destinations in Iceland including: Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Dimmu Borgir, Dettifoss, Myvatn, Vik, Geysir, Grindavik, Skógafoss, Jökulsárlón, Hvalfjörður, Flateyri, Kerlingarfjöll, Fláajökull, Skálafellsjökull, Fjallfoss, Berufjörður, Lakagígar, Látrabjarg, Berserkjahraun, Friðland að Fjallabaki, Álftafjörður, Vestfirðir. During the trip, Polomski Read more [...]

Synchronized Skydiving — It’s A Thing, And It’s Awesome

For thrill seekers, going skydiving really is the ultimate adrenaline rush — but it's definitely not for everyone. I mean, there are quite a few people out there who really have no interest in jumping out of a plane, and that's totally understandable. But the people in this footage aren't afraid of it in the least. In fact, they take skydiving a step further by turning normal dives into synchronized performances. You have to check this out. Wouldn't you love to be able to do that? I can't even Read more [...]

Four Ancient Animals That are Older than Trees

According to Science Daily the earliest modern tree lived about 345-360 million years ago. Now extinct,Archaeopteris made up most of the forests across the Earth in the Late Devonian period. The findings were reported by three scientists in the 22 April 1999 issue of Nature (“Archaeopteris is the earliest known modern tree,” by Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud, Stephen E. Scheckler, and Jobst Wendt.) Although trees are just a type of plant, and plants have been around much longer than 360 million Read more [...]

Man Gets 5 Day Erection After Taking 35 Viagra to Be Funny

This guy really likes to have a good time, even though this time it almost cost him his pickle stick! After taking 1 Viagra if your chubby lasts too long you are suppose to call a doctor immediately. He took 35 just to be funny and ended up with a five-day erection. Daniel Medforth downed the pills ‘for a laugh’ when he was at a friend’s house on bank holiday Monday. But the 36-year-old plasterer became sick, dizzy, and even started hallucinating. ‘Everything I saw was green, And Read more [...]

A Dash Cam Captured This Patrolman Saving Someone’s Life

When Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Devers heard that there was an accident up ahead, he leapt into action. Because he was the first one on the scene, it was his job to assess the damage and to determine whether or not anyone was hurt. But when he got there, Devers realized that one man was experiencing the worst-case scenario. That's when the officer did something truly heroic. Source: Dash cam captures moment heroic officer saves life by rumblestaff on Rumble Receiving a Certificate Read more [...]

You’ll Learn A Lot In College, But These Tricks Will Make Dorming So Much Easier

Ah, college. Those beer-soaked days masquerading as academic study. We kid, we kid, we know that college is a time of great learning and personal growth. And if you're living in a dorm, that personal growth includes learning to manage a household (kind of, anyway). These simple tricks will make dorm life (and beyond) a little smoother for everyone. 1. Store pens and pencils in an old toilet paper tube... 2. ...or an old soda can. Cut the top off and fold down the sharp edges. 3. For the first Read more [...]

Museum Exhibit for the Blind Encourages People to Touch the Artworks

The Museo del Prado in Madrid has launched its first exhibit for the visually impaired, 3D printing six of their most renowned artworks in their collection. The exhibit, which is open until 18 October 2015, encourages patrons to touch and feel the artworks. In addition to the three-dimensional images, the exhibit will include didactic material such as texts in Braille, audio guides and opaque glasses aimed at facilitating the experience for fully sighted visitors. Featured Artworks in Read more [...]

These Engineers Used Old Highway Technology To Create Something So Unique

While rumble strips may never have woken you from a slumber behind the wheel, they've saved countless lives over the years. Late-night drives can be exhausting, especially for truckers who run on tight schedules and deadlines. But these engineers weren't satisfied with that telltale rumbling sound. They wanted those grooves to create beautiful music, so they designed different templates to do just that. Check it out in the video below. Since 2007, engineers in various countries have adopted Read more [...]