A Skier Miraculously Survives A Fall That Should Have Been Fatal

Ian McIntosh was being filmed for a project called "Paradise Waits" when things went very, very wrong. The professional skier was in the Neacola range of Alaska when, during a run, he tripped over an unseen five-foot-deep trench. From there, he fell 1,600 feet. This is NOT what you want to happen. OMG. If you want to see more stunning ski videos (that may or may not include people cartwheeling for hundreds of feet), check out Paradise Waits. Read more [...]

This Little Boy’s Reaction To A Garage Door Opening Is Hilarious

Children are almost always filled with wonder and amazement, and the world is always a mystery to them. They experience things for the first time all the time. When they take their first steps, it's a big occasion. When they say their first words, it causes tears to fall. Yet these aren't the only firsts that should garner accolades. This little boy just saw a garage door open for the first time, and I bet his parents are glad they got it on video. His reaction is absolutely hilarious. We should Read more [...]

Petition Launched Against Kanye West To Kick Him Out Of Closing Ceremony Performance

People in Canada must really hate Kanye… Kanye West will be in Toronto to close the Pan Am Games, organizers confirm. West has been rumored to be set for the Pan Am closing event since basketball player Anthony Bennett tweeted the news on Wednesday. (YES THAT ANTHONY BENNETT IS BREAKING NEWS!!) West played the Ottawa Bluesfest earlier in July, despite a petition to get him off the bill for the festival. Pan Am officials would not reveal what West would be paid for the performance. Organizers Read more [...]

These Serial-Killing Nurses Don’t Make Hospitals Any Less Scary

The world will always need good nurses. Years of schooling and late-night shifts make it one of the most demanding fields. The majority of nurses in this country are dedicated to upholding the welfare of mankind, but there are a select few who are just as dedicated to eradicating it. Here are some of the most notorious serial-killing nurses of all time. Daniela Poggiali Nicknamed the "Angel of Death," this Italian nurse is accused of killing 96 of her patients between 2013 and 2014. This would Read more [...]

When Her Own Puppy Passed Away, This Mom Adopted An Unlikely Group Of Babies

The night Penny the Chihuahua gave birth to a stillborn puppy, she sobbed at her loss. With tears streaking down her eyes and snout, she mourned for her poor baby. That's when her owners knew they had to trysomething to lift her spirits. They called everyone they knew to see if there was a puppy anywhere in need of a mom. Well, they found some babies, but they weren't of the canine variety. They wondered: could animals from different species love each other like mother and child? They decided Read more [...]

Special Donation Found Hidden Inside Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity Box

The charity group Big Brothers Big Sisters is used to getting all kinds of donations from all kinds of people. But when a worker drove up to pick up a week’s worth of clothing and toy donations for children, he had no idea he was going to make the discovery of a lifetime! As he was clearing out the pounds of heavy clothes he heard a little squeak. At first he assumed the noise was coming from a donated child’s toy, but when they began to see the clothes rustle around and move, they were utterly Read more [...]

When You Add Lighter Fluid To Coca-Cola, You Can Create An Awesome DIY Science Experiment

So, why not conduct your own science experiments at home? You don't even need a lab coat to do it. YouTube user kreosan knows that all you really need are some simple ingredients. For example, if you want to make a rocket out of a pop bottle, all you need is some butane lighter fluid and a bottle of Coca-Cola. Prepare for awesomeness (and subtitles). If you attempt this experiment at home, might we suggest doing it outside, near a lake, in a lake, covered in plastic or close to your Read more [...]

911 Operator Saves The Day When Homeless Kittens Are Found Abandoned In A Box

Shauna Rogers, who works as a 911 operator at Valley Communications Center in Kent, WA, received a call unlike any other when she went into work last Saturday — but her quick-thinking decision made all the difference. During her shift, she received a call about a family of kittens, who were left abandoned in a boxbehind the Tukwila City Hall; they were in desperate need of care. While she answers dozens of calls every day, this one really pulled at her heartstrings. “It was Saturday, so Read more [...]

Using Lasers to Tell If You’re Drilling Straight

The BullseyeBore is a nifty drill attachment that uses lasers to tell you if you’re drilling straight. The attachment can be affixed to any drill and works in any orientation (wall, floor, ceiling etc.). The laser projections even provide visual cues on drill bit depth.   There are three patterns generated by BullseyeBore: a single dynamic position pattern, and two fixed circular measurement patterns. The single dynamic position pattern changes shape dramatically when the drill is Read more [...]