Baby Koala Gets Adopted By Friendly New Mother

Koala bears are some of the cutest animals out there on Earth; and baby Koala bears are even cuter! So when one little baby’s mother recently died, the whole world was worried that he was not going to receive the proper nutrition he needed in order to survive. At just 22 weeks old, little Harry needed to eat the partially digested leaves that only a mother Koala bear could supply.

Luckily, another baby Koala bear named Imogen had just been born a month earlier. Imogen was stronger and the decision was made for some humans to adopt Imogen as their own, and for Imogen’s mother to adopt Harry.

Thankfully, the foster switch worked perfectly! Little Harry was nursed to be the strongest marsupial he could be, and the amazing team of Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidge became the proud parents of little Imogen.

The humans put their lives on hold for two months to ensure that the little baby made the transition correctly. They had to invent a makeshift pouch, so they kept her hidden inside their jackets in order to imitate the feel of a warm mother.

While raising this little “bear” has certainly been a challenge, they both agree that it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.


Joshua High

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