Three Woman Catfish ISIS Into Sending Them Large Amounts Of Cash They Used For Vacation

Call up Nev Schulman, he needs to meet these three woman have pulled off one of the greatest Catfishes of all time. They got ISIS to send them $3,300 for travel expenses to Syria to join the Islamic State. The young women turned the tables on ISIS by using their primary recruitment tool, social media, against them. The ISIS members allegedly reached out to the young women on their social media accounts, asking them to join the militant cause. The women kept in touch with IS members and even Read more [...]

Petition Launched Against Kanye West To Kick Him Out Of Closing Ceremony Performance

People in Canada must really hate Kanye… Kanye West will be in Toronto to close the Pan Am Games, organizers confirm. West has been rumored to be set for the Pan Am closing event since basketball player Anthony Bennett tweeted the news on Wednesday. (YES THAT ANTHONY BENNETT IS BREAKING NEWS!!) West played the Ottawa Bluesfest earlier in July, despite a petition to get him off the bill for the festival. Pan Am officials would not reveal what West would be paid for the performance. Organizers Read more [...]

Bully Flees Home When Mob of People Show Up to Her House After Seeing Facebook Video

Once the identity of a 16-year-old accused of attacking two girls in a viral Facebook video was known a mob of people showed up at her house. This caused the girl to flee her families home. A neighbor of the alleged attacker and her family said: ‘A bunch of adults turned up and started spraying graffiti.’ The clip was uploaded to Facebook and has been viewed around six million times. ‘Now that a suspect has been charged, and out of respect for the alleged victims, we would ask anyone Read more [...]

What He Does With Some Cling Wrap Will Change The Way You Cook Eggs Forever

I have a confession to make: I have no idea how to poach an egg. Getting that perfect, runny yolk seems like a magic trick. When I see anyone open a pot and carefully remove poached eggs with precision and grace, I'm always impressed -- how do they do it?! Well we can all forget about fumbling with fancy instructions, because this guy has figured out a way to poach eggs in the easiest manner -- all you need is some cling wrap! Never ruin another egg AGAIN. Excuse me while I go make all of the Read more [...]

Guy Smokes His Dead Friend Then Posts on Instagram

Derek Water’s and a group of friends entered a Compton, California neighborhood to buy drugs last month when his best friend, Jameel Mendoza, was shot and killed. “We was in Compton to buy some weed and a bit of crack and some meth and possibly some LSD and my friend was wearing blue shoe laces in his white Chuck’s and some Bloods stopped us and got upset and wanted him to take them blue Crips’ color shoelaces out of his shoes. My friend got stupid and stood up to them. He broke a beer bottle Read more [...]