Banksy Opens Dismaland, the UK’s Most Disappointing New Visitor Attraction

Are you looking for an alternative to the sugar-coated tedium of the average family day out? Or just somewhere a lot cheaper? Then this is the place for you. Bring the whole family to come and enjoy the latest addition to our chronic leisure surplus… Banksy’s latest project was just unveiled earlier today. Dismaland, an entire amusement park that will be open for five weeks featuring a plethora of critically acclaimed street artists and musical guests. Open everyday from 11am – 11pm and Read more [...]

24 Funny Comics Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

2. Time Is A Flat Circus A Tumblr of “True Detective” quotes overlaid on “Family Circus” comics. 3. Infinite Nap Claire’s comics forgive you for the daily modern embarrassments you stumble over 4. Huge Cartoons Heavy focus on parents giving terrible advice. Updates every Wednesday and Friday! 5. Butt Poems Currently on hiatus, but a Tumblr favorite. 6. Amazing Super Powers Consistently one of the most bonkers 3-panel comics (secret level: click on the upper right hand of each Read more [...]

If Modern Favorites Were on VHS

Artist Julien Knez created a series of nine retro VHS covers for modern television shows and movies includingBreaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy. The covers, which were actually printed and placed into VHS sleeves, were made as part of an April Fools day prank for his blog, where Knez pretended he was a Parisian hipster named Stan who only watched modern shows and flicks on VHS. You can read the complete faux interview on [via j0be on reddit] 1. Artwork Read more [...]