Dog Shows Off Yodeling Skills As His Best Friend Plays The Accordion

This hilarious video is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! It all begins simply enough: It’s just a musical duo sitting down playing their newest song.

It seems as if dogs love to howl and bark whenever they begin to hear someone play an accordion, much like Jessie, the dog who loves to sing along whenever she hears the music.

While the sound of the accordion is probably much more annoying for the talented dog’s ears than it is for yours or mine, it should be noted that the furry friend is not being cornered in any way and is free to come and go as he pleases. Sometimes it’s healthy to yell as loud as you can!

This dog would certainly be a big hit on The Voice, and we can only hope we see more silly videos featuring this dynamic duo soon!

Maybe the dog actually enjoys the “music” he’s playing with his best friend and loves to perform for the camera? It really goes to show how much these amazing creatures love to stand by our sides, even if we’re making music like that. We’re just happy to see that this dog appears to be so well-loved and taken care of; every dog deserves a “forever home” just like this one!


Joshua High

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