Husky Lilo Comforts Scared Kitten Rosie At The Vet

At just 3 weeks old, Rosie the kitten was found weak, abandoned, and hungry — and without a mother. The sick kitten faced certain death…until a gentle Husky named Lilo stepped in and changed the kitten’s life forever.

Lilo stepped in as a surrogate, and the pair have since become inseparable! As the kitten’s health improved, doctors gave her a quick checkup. Rosie didn’t know what she was in for, but thankfully, she had Lilo by her side!

“Rosie had her booster shots today and did NOT enjoy them! Good thing Lilo was there to give her kisses afterwards,” Lilo and Rosie’s owner wrote on YouTube.

After Rosie gets her shots, the attentive dog comes over and gives the kitten lots of kisses to let her know that she’ll be okay. How adorable is that?! This gentle giant just loves this tiny kitten and wants nothing more than to make sure she’s okay.  (See more of their adorable antics on Twitterand Instagram.)

Lilo and Rosie might easily be the best of interspecies friends. Who said cats and dogs can’t get along? This video just proves exactly why dogs are the best!


Joshua High

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