Three Woman Catfish ISIS Into Sending Them Large Amounts Of Cash They Used For Vacation

Call up Nev Schulman, he needs to meet these three woman have pulled off one of the greatest Catfishes of all time. They got ISIS to send them $3,300 for travel expenses to Syria to join the Islamic State. The young women turned the tables on ISIS by using their primary recruitment tool, social media, against them. The ISIS members allegedly reached out to the young women on their social media accounts, asking them to join the militant cause. The women kept in touch with IS members and even Read more [...]

These Photos Of The Arctic Are Breathtaking — And Will Make You Feel So Alone

The hustle and bustle of urban (and suburban) life can get to you after a while. You start to feel crowded, hemmed in by the people, the noise, the traffic, and the buildings. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. But that's not always a realistic option. So we're here to present a vicarious alternative: the work of Tiina Törmänen, a Finnish photographer who captures the vast, icy beauty of the Arctic tundra. There, human contact is rare and the sky looms huge and distant. Her Read more [...]

10 Grammar Rules That You Learned In Elementary School (And Quickly Forgot)

I might be a bit biased as a writer and editor, but I think that grammar is pretty important. No matter what you do professionally, being able to get your point across in the most effective way possible is a pretty big deal, right? That being said, it's really hard to keep track of a seemingly endless list of grammar rules and regulations. While it's totally understandable to abandon these stuffy standards in everyday conversation, it might still be useful to take a refresher course. You don't want Read more [...]

This Looks Like Magic, But You Can Actually Make This In Your Own Home

Counter real estate is crucial for anyone who cooks...or just hangs out in the kitchen. You obviously need room for a top-notch coffee maker, maybe even an espresso machine, and a coffee bean grinder (that's all you keep in your kitchen, right?). So, things like bulky knife blocks get shoved in a corner that's hard to reach, or worse, the knives are dangerously stashed in the silverware drawer, where someone is bound to seriously hurt themselves. So, what's the solution? You make them float on your Read more [...]

This Baby’s Condition Was So Rare That It Didn’t Have A Name, But He Never Gave Up

When Brandon and Brittany Buell's son was born last year, there was immediate cause for concern. In fact, no one was sure if he would live at all. That's because little Jaxon was born with an extreme cranial and brain deformity, making it appear as though part of his head is missing. The condition is so rare that there wasn't even a name for it at the time of Jaxon's diagnosis. It's now called microhydranencephaly, but even though it has a name, it still doesn't have a cure. Brittany and Brandon Read more [...]

11 Tips To Improve Your Memory (And Grades!) This School Year

1. Build a “Memory Palace.” The “memory palace” technique, also known as the method of loci, is an ancient Greek memory trick that uses visualization to recall information. To use it, think about a building or room you’re familiar with and associate each fact you need to learn with a feature of that room. 2. Mix up your study locations often. You might think that having a favorite go-to study spot helps you get in the ~zone~, but studies show that mixing up your study locations can Read more [...]

This Cat Loves Playing Games With His Best Friend…The Window Washer

Being a window washer takes guts. Dangling high above the street to reach tall building windows isn't for the faint of heart. But you also get a different perspective of the world...and sometimes that perspective is an adorable cat who tries his best to play with you through the glass! This playful cutie scurries to greet his high-flying human bestie and catch all the suds from his side of the window. Maybe he's just a fan of keeping things clean and wants to help? Or he's just a Read more [...]

These 20 Funny Animals Really, Seriously, Genuinely Could Not Give Fewer F*cks

It's easy to become a little jaded from the daily grind. One too many people have run into you with their umbrellas during a storm, spilled coffee on you on the bus, or sent an annoying work email. These animals all know that feeling, and they simply could not care any less. Did we mention it's hilarious? 1. So. Over it. 2. "Just watch what you want. I don't care anymore." 3. "Think you can get me off of this windshield wiper? Think again." 4. "You wanted to put your game away? Eh..." 5. Read more [...]

When This Tribe Saw A White Person For The First Time In The ’70s, Researchers Recorded It

It's hard to imagine being completely cut off from all of society. Most of us have been raised in a global community connected by technology. Growing up in a faraway place, isolated from the rest of the world (and grocery stores), is unfathomable. That's why it's so fascinating to see this video. Researchers were studying a tribe that was cut off from the rest of the world when something amazing happened on film. The tribe finally became brave enough to interact with the crew and it's obvious that Read more [...]