She Was Walking Around On A Giant Tumor But She’s Running Happily Now

This sweet dog, Ginger, was barely getting around her shelter when she was taken in by Dr. Matt and his crew at Vet Ranch. The victim of neglect, she was also suffering a giant tumor on her paw, making a simple thing like walking difficult and painful. The staff weren't sure if there would be enough skin to salvage the paw, but knew it was worth a shot to avoid amputation. It was also unclear if the tumor would simply regrow once it was removed. Luckily, after testing, the beautiful girl got some Read more [...]

What One Guy Discovered At The Store Will Put A Smile On Your Face

There are some pretty ridiculous toys out there, but the most bizarre part about the toy industry is that people actually buy these things. I mean, all you have to do is take a stroll through any toy store to realize how strange some of these playthings are. What this guy came across is no exception. After stumbling upon a cart full of noisy rubber ducks, the entertaining opportunist caught something hysterical on film. The Read more [...]

A Hiker Found a 2-Year-Old GoPro that was Launched Into Space and the Footage is Awesome

On June 8, 2013, Stanford students Bryan Chan, Ved Chirayath, Ashish Goel, Tyler Reid, and Paul Tarantino launched a weather balloon outfitted with several cameras into space. The project was a part of Ved’s dissertation research in fluid lensing. The team 3D printed a chassis that housed a GoPro Hero 3 and Sony camcorder for taking HD video, along with a Galaxy Note II for still pictures and GPS tracking. The launch was a success but contact with the payload was lost and the team never heard Read more [...]

This Guy’s Welds Are A Work of Art (12 photos)

Scott Raabe is a Texas-based welder with nearly a decade of professional welding experience since graduating from Texas State Technical College with a degree in—welding. On reddit, where Scott shared an album of his recent welds last week, he explains that he started as a small parts/custom welder for a production company before switching to pipe fitting/welding. He then got into structural welding but now works as a pipe welder. Scott also creates custom metal designs and artworks. He is available Read more [...]

This is as Close as it Gets to a Flying House

In Kirkland, Washington there’s a company that has been customizing jumbo jet interiors for heads of state and high net worth clients for over 25 years. Established in 1988, Greenpoint Technologies is a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Completion Center providing turnkey interior completions. To date, Greenpoint has completed a number of interiors to various Boeing jets including: 787s, 747-8s, 737s, 747s, 757s, 737s, 727s etc. The jaw-dropping “living spaces” can near 5,000 square feet and include Read more [...]

This Artist Splits Two Photos in Half and Combines the Results

“Combo Photos” is an ongoing series by artist and photographer Stephen McMennamy. In the series, McMennamy splits two photos he has previously taken, combining them into one harmonious image that usually plays with size and perspective. The pairings are usually two things you would never imagine together, making for some fun and creative imagery. The artist is also the creative director at BBDO Atlanta. You can see more of his fantastic work at the links below. STEPHEN McMENNAMY Instagram 1. Artwork Read more [...]

When They Introduced Their Daughter To Her New Brother, They Never Expected This

For little kids -- especially when they don't have any siblings yet -- meeting new additions to the family is a strange experience. It's hard for parents to figure out whether their kids will be excited, saddened, or confused when they introduce the new baby, and all they can do is hope for the best. Luckily for some parents, things go so much better than expected. Take this little girl, for example. When Mom and Dad finally brought her to see her new little brother, she could not contain her joy. I Read more [...]

Humans Set Her Whole Litter On Fire, But Now She Has A Second Chance

On New Year's Eve, 2014, something terrible happened in South Korea. Someone took a litter of two-month-old puppies and set them all on fire. There was only one survivor. They named her Journey. She was brought to the U.S. and given little socks to help her walk around, but that wasn't sufficient. It was costly, but enough money was raised to fit her for prosthetic paws, enabling the tiny pup to run and play like any other pooch. Now she's training to run her first 5K, and is so appreciative Read more [...]