Special Donation Found Hidden Inside Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity Box

The charity group Big Brothers Big Sisters is used to getting all kinds of donations from all kinds of people. But when a worker drove up to pick up a week’s worth of clothing and toy donations for children, he had no idea he was going to make the discovery of a lifetime!

As he was clearing out the pounds of heavy clothes he heard a little squeak. At first he assumed the noise was coming from a donated child’s toy, but when they began to see the clothes rustle around and move, they were utterly shocked!

Inside the hot metal box was a darling little baby pit bull. For whatever horrible reason someone actually threw the puppy into the drop box with absolutely no care for the poor creature. Just like the monster who left a puppy inside a garbage bag, there are some rotten people out there with no regard for decency and the respect for all life!

Luckily, this man took the little puppy out and immediately transported him to a local area animal hospital where he’s being taken care of before they find him a good “forever home.”

For whatever reason pit bulls get a bad rep as being “aggressive,” or “bad.” But we’ve seen too many videos, like this pit bull playing in a ball pitt, to honestly say that it’s not the breed of the dog but the actions of their humans! If we treated all of these animals with kindness and respect, the world would be a much better place!

Joshua High

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