These Serial-Killing Nurses Don’t Make Hospitals Any Less Scary

The world will always need good nurses. Years of schooling and late-night shifts make it one of the most demanding fields. The majority of nurses in this country are dedicated to upholding the welfare of mankind, but there are a select few who are just as dedicated to eradicating it.

Here are some of the most notorious serial-killing nurses of all time.

Daniela Poggialidesktop-1441897890[1]

Nicknamed the “Angel of Death,” this Italian nurse is accused of killing 96 of her patients between 2013 and 2014. This would make her the second most prolific serial killer in history. Her motive? Well, if she thought that certain patients were annoying, she killed them. She murdered people with complicated cases by overdosing them on drugs. She even took selfies with their corpses afterwards.

Charles Cullen


Suspected to have killed up to 300 patients during his 16-year stint as a nurse, Charles Cullen may be the most prolific killer in America. Cullen injected his patients with lethal amounts of digoxin, which helped his crimes go undetected. He claimed that he only killed them out of mercy. Despite being helpful in the investigation, Cullen was sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences with no chance for parole.

Amy Archer-Gilligan


Because of the 60 deaths that took place in her Windsor, Connecticut, nursing home between 1907 and 1917, people grew suspicious of Amy Archer-Gilligan’s practices. It was eventually discovered that she was lacing patients’ food with arsenic. Several of her patients and five of her husbands died this way…after naming Archer-Gilligan as the sole benefactor in all of their wills.

Genene Jones


While most of these serial-killing nurses went after elderly patients, Genene Jones is known for killing infants. Jones was addicted to the gratitude she received after reviving babies from critical conditions. Between 1971 and 1984, she injected babies with digoxin in order to turn around and save them. As many as 60 infants died after the initial injection.

Benjamin Geen


Benjamin Geen was caught with a lethal dose of muscle relaxers in his possession back in 2004 after a suspicious number of his patients died of cardiac arrest. It seems that Geen got a kick out of watching people resuscitate patients, but many of his victims could not be saved.

Because of the inherent intimacy nurses have with vulnerable people, heath professionals with murderous tendencies are particularly disturbing. It’s important to remember, however, that these cases are extremely rare. You can rest assured that most nurses really do make it their mission to help you.

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