This Baby’s Condition Was So Rare That It Didn’t Have A Name, But He Never Gave Up

When Brandon and Brittany Buell’s son was born last year, there was immediate cause for concern. In fact, no one was sure if he would live at all. That’s because little Jaxon was born with an extreme cranial and brain deformity, making it appear as though part of his head is missing. The condition is so rare that there wasn’t even a name for it at the time of Jaxon’s diagnosis. It’s now called microhydranencephaly, but even though it has a name, it still doesn’t have a cure.

Brittany and Brandon never lost hope, even though the odds were against them. Because of their dedication, Jaxon celebrated his first birthday on August 28 of this year. It was a huge milestone for the little boy and his family.

Jaxon’s skull and brain are not fully formed.


Even though things looked grim when he was born, Jaxon and his family continue to fight for his survival.

His parents have even named his story “Jaxon Strong.”


Despite his appearance, Jaxon is doing well, and he’s not much different than other babies.


He really loves a good nap.

He sometimes gets fussy.


But he gets over it.


All in all, he’s doing very well. The Buells say that he’s growing and learning more every day.


On Jaxon’s birthday, his father wrote on Facebook, “He is still here, strong as ever, only dependent on a feeding tube, and he can hear, see, talk, smile, laugh. He’s learning more every day — even how to say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dadda’ directly to us.”

His family couldn’t be happier.


And they’re thrilled that they got to reach this milestone in Jaxon’s life.


Because of the extremity of his condition, Jaxon will need medical care throughout his life. The miracle that has gotten him this far will have to be a long-term one. Thanks to Jaxon’s GoFundMe page, kind supporters have already helped the family raise over $100,000. Check it out if you’d like to help them, too.

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