This Looks Like Magic, But You Can Actually Make This In Your Own Home

Counter real estate is crucial for anyone who cooks…or just hangs out in the kitchen. You obviously need room for a top-notch coffee maker, maybe even an espresso machine, and a coffee bean grinder (that’s all you keep in your kitchen, right?). So, things like bulky knife blocks get shoved in a corner that’s hard to reach, or worse, the knives are dangerously stashed in the silverware drawer, where someone is bound to seriously hurt themselves.

So, what’s the solution? You make them float on your wall, of course!

First, get your hands on a nice piece of wood, like this olive slab.


You’ll also need some very strong magnets, wood glue, and a fancy drill.

Mark out the locations you’re going to drill the blind holes in the back of the plank.


Test the magnetic strength with your largest knife to see if you need to drill more holes.

Once you’ve drilled all the holes, secure the magnets with wood glue.


Add some hidden mounting hardware…


…Mount it to the wall, and stick your cutlery up there!


One less thing to clutter what little counter space you have!


It looks like they paid a ton of money for this at a fancy kitchen store (where tea towels cost something absurd like $50 a pop). And to think it just took a couple easy steps and so few materials!

Now you can get that cappuccino maker, too…

Joshua High

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