Three Woman Catfish ISIS Into Sending Them Large Amounts Of Cash They Used For Vacation

Call up Nev Schulman, he needs to meet these three woman have pulled off one of the greatest Catfishes of all time. They got ISIS to send them $3,300 for travel expenses to Syria to join the Islamic State.

The young women turned the tables on ISIS by using their primary recruitment tool, social media, against them.


The ISIS members allegedly reached out to the young women on their social media accounts, asking them to join the militant cause. The women kept in touch with IS members and even sent fake pictures to string them along.

And that is how it always starts on the show!


After the ISIS members wired the money, the “con artists” closed their accounts, stopped all communication.

The bad news: Chechen police have detained three female con artists who talked fighters of the terrorist group Islamic State into sending them money…

Nice work ladies!




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